Hear from those we’ve helped

Our Mission  “Save the world one massage at a time.”

We love hearing from our patients and their families.  Thank you for allowing us to help provide comfort and healing for you and your family.

  • "Dear Kelly, KRS was so very thankful to Hands to Help that he told me he wanted to leave you with this gift. He could not say "Thank You" in person. He hopes this gift continues your effort to bring hope and relief to many others as it did to him. He loved you."

  • "I think Hands to Help is a great organization to help people with handicaps or other issues. They sure brought me through a lot of difficulties I had. Not only did they teach me how to work with different self care exercises and tips, they really helped to bring me out of where I was. If it hadn't been for you guys, I might not have been gone but I'd have been suffering. I thank God for you. Without the massages I wouldn't have been able to get out and get around and do stuff for myself. And the stretching and self care I have learned have really helped me to do better. I can raise my arms ABOVE MY HEAD! YES!!!!! And this is coming from an 81 yr old woman".

    Maggie Glass Patient
  • "The massage has helped my mom’s legs relax after only three sessions! We are looking forward to even more improvement in her flexibility with more therapy."

    Daughter of a wheelchair-bound patient
  • “You were the one thing that brought a smile to her face these last few weeks.”

    Family member of a Hospice Patient
  • "You make me forget briefly that I am sick. For that moment, I’m in a place where I have no pain, no limitations. It gives me the break I need to find the strength to keep going.”

    Cancer patient
  • "No one has ever done what you are doing for him. You're the person I've been waiting for."

    Spouse of a stroke patient
  • "Thank you for today and every other day. That hour with you makes me want to try to fight and live another day.”

    Scleroderma patient
  • “You were the only person mom would let touch her. She said when you did it, it didn’t hurt. I don’t know what you did, but thank you for bringing her so much comfort.”

    Daughter of a cancer patient
  • "I think Hands to Help is an absolutely wonderful organization. I think it's wonderful that you guys do this. We would never have thought of something like this for her on our own. She is so happy after the massages. With the therapist's knowledge, it feels so much better for her than what I could do for her. Since getting the massages, she no longer suffers from edema, we can keep her up all day without having to make her lay down to elevate her legs. After the massage, she's more peaceful and relaxed. She smiles, which she doesn't normally do."

    Dody Ganim Caregiver for Alzheimer's patient