about Hands to Help

Our Mission  “Save the world one massage at a time.”

Hands to Help is a compassionate group of professional, licensed Massage Therapists and Volunteers. We work with disabled, elderly and terminal patients (and their caregivers), offering massage therapy, to provide relaxation, decrease feelings of isolation and depression, reduce pain and anxiety and to provide comfort in end of life care.

Founded in October, 2008, Hands to Help is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community by offering massage therapy to those in need. Funded solely by donations, we hope to build an organization that can reach out to more people with each passing year. Currently serving primarily the aging community, we plan to expand our services to include pediatric and mental health clients. We are always in need of volunteers and donations.

our team

  • Kelly Crocken Figi, PTA, LMT
    Kelly Crocken Figi, PTA, LMT Founder, CEO, Therapist

    IL LMT #227-002714
    IL PTA #160-004826
    MO LMT #2005018325
    MO PTA #2008037178

  • Samantha Kuehn, LMT
    Samantha Kuehn, LMT Lead Therapist

    IL LMT #227-013648
    MO LMT #2015024040

  • Nancy Mosier, LMT
    Nancy Mosier, LMT Therapist

    IL LMT #227014241
    MO LMT #2009033958

  • Kelli McPeak, LMT
    Kelli McPeak, LMT Therapist

    IL LMT #227-012552

Board of Directors


Walter Figi


Amy O’Connor

Vice President

Kim DeHoyos


Christy Bleisch
Meghan Bokowski
Kelseigh Boggs
Marshall Crocken
Elizabeth Carroll